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We offer our clientele flexible, sophisticated, custom production schedules. Manterra will go the extra mile for your business. We will tailor a production situation to suit your needs, including setups for:

  • Annual purchase orders with weekly shipments

  • Custom Orders

  • 'Kanban'

  • Just in Time Production


We understand the realities of doing business. Send us your existing production and we'll work with you to reduce costs and increase your scheduling efficiencies.

Manterra is a vertically integrated, single-source supplier of specialized product design, development, and manufacturing services. Our process is contained and controlled to be flexible, reliable, and cost efficient and to ensure that we deliver solutions that exceed expectations.


From engineering design, prompt prototype construction to creating innovative tooling, from injection molding and parts assembly to custom production scheduling, we are up to your challenge.

Multi-Shot Molding:

  • Combine different materials and colours to create robust parts

  • Create parts with clear windows, back-lit graphics, or multi-colours.

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