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Manterra Technologies is seeking full time Quality Assurance Inspector for our injection molding plant.

  • Day Shift 1: 6:30am - 3:30pm Mon-Fri

  • Public Transportation Accessible. Bus spot 25 meters from plant.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Obtain product samples for inspection, testing and review.

  • Inspect, test, and review completed products at various stages of the manufacturing process.

  • Inspect, test, and review, incoming and outgoing products.

  • Enter data on printed forms or computerized records.

  • Assist in completion of reports and product returns as required.

  • Provide feedback for improvements in product and process quality.

  • Provide feedback for corrective or preventative actions.

  • Conform to health and safety requirements.


  • Knowledge of manufacturing environments and application of procedures and practices.

  • Exercises judgment to resolve quality issues and ability to inspect and measure product accurately


  • Understanding of basic math.

  • Familiar with computers, file navigation open/close/save files, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

To Apply send email with resume to
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