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Manterra is equipped with 15 modern injection molding machines.

Ranging from 30-ton to 450-ton capacity covering the spectrum of injection molding.

Hydraulic Machines:

2 x 30-ton, 4 x 85-ton, 1 x 50-ton,
1 x 130-ton, 1 x 250-ton,
1 x 300-ton, 1 x 330-ton,
1 x 450-ton


Fully Electric Machines:

1 x 110-ton and 1 x 310-ton

Hybrid Hydraulic/Electric High-Speed:

1 x 300-ton hybrid hydraulic/electric (sub 10 sec dry cycle)

Shot capacity: (machine dependent) 25- to 1400-cc

Integrated Robots: 8 machines suitable for part removal, pick and place, part transfer and automated assembly.


Manterra Supports Molds Requiring:

  • Hot runner control up to 24 zones

  • Valve gate control up to 16 zones

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic core pulls

  • Mold temperature control to 375F

  • Chiller

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